What Is A Water Tower?

Water towers encompass upland areas with characteristics to support reception, infiltration, percolation and storage of rainfall and gradually releases it into a drainage basin. Water towers vary in size, shape, drainage pattern and features that are determined by natural processes, particularly geology, soil, climate and vegetation cover. Riparian reserves is an integral part of the water towers ecosystem.

What is the procedure of water tower Gazettement?

Identification of wetland and biodiversity hotspots -> Reconnaissance -> Mapping of the water tower -> Resource Assessment-Total Economic Valuation -> Preparation of the Management Plan (s) -> Demarcation of boundaries -> Finally, the Gazettement

What are the consequences of interfering with water catchment Areas?

Floods; Loss of wealth; Successive crop failure; Climatic Change; Diminished Natural Capital

How will KWTA intervene in the conservation of the water towers?

KWTA aims to improve the quality and quantity of ecosystems services provided by Kenya’s water towers. KWTA main objectives is to secure Kenya’s water supply for the present and future generations as there is no life without water. Kenya also focuses on achieving the …