Ecological Research, Planning and Audit

This Department focuses on providing information on the status of water towers. The information is utilized in determining resource allocation for reclamation, restoration, rehabilitation and community livelihood interventions needed. The Department also specializes on spatial analysis of land use, land cover changes and hydrological analysis of water towers in Kenya

Community Partnerships and Sustainable Livelihoods

The function of this Directorate is to entrench community participation in water towers conservation. This is in consideration of the link between water towers and community development and the interconnection between environmental degradation and poverty.

The function is implemented through community support and partnerships on nature-based enterprises. To build community resilience to climate change and reduce pressure on water towers, the department also supports communities with clean energy sources, efficient water utilization strategies and other innovative natural resource management technologies.

Ecosystem Protection, Rehabilitation and Conservation

This is the Department that undertakes reclamation, restoration and rehabilitation of water towers in Kenya. The activities include moving people out of the water towers, tree planting and gully rehabilitations. It also focuses on protecting the water towers by ensuring that Joint Enforcement Units (JEU) perform their functions effectively.