A Water Tower Is Not Necessarily A Forest

The new Chairman of the Board of Directors for Kenya Water Towers Agency Dr Julius Malombe has clarified that a water tower is not necessarily a forest. “In some instances, a water tower is a swamp, wetland, rock or hill, we are guided by the international guidelines,” Dr Malombe said. Speaking during the Inauguration of the Board of Directors by the Cabinet Secretary for Environment and Forestry Keriako Tobiko on Thursday 25th July 2019, Dr Malombe said that the Agency is committed to develop a working relationship with all the 47 counties because water towers are spread out in all the counties. He also declared that sensitizing local communities on the conservation of water towers will be his priority number one.

The Kenya Water Towers Policy and Bill, 2019 is at an advanced stage and soon will be delivered to CS Tobiko for his review and onward recommendation to the Members of Parliament for debate, the Chairman said. He further added that the mandate of the Agency is to coordinate and oversee the protection, rehabilitation and conservation of water towers. “We will utilize our knowledge and experience to execute this mandate,” Dr Malombe said.
As he concluded, Dr Malombe said one of the most important role of the Board is to recruit a chief executive officer. This, he said, is in the process and will be concluded in due course. He also requested CS Tobiko to fast-track the gazettement of the proposed ten water towers.

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